Is your social media presence focused on the external?

This is the third post in a series of three, bought to you by Kevin Anselmo from Experiential Communications, on building your online presence. In this post Kevin outlines a single point that all researchers and academics can do to ensure that your online profiles get the right exposure.

I recently read an interesting book called Maximum Success with LinkedIn by Dan Sherman. One tip that particularly resonated is to ensure that our LinkedIn profiles are user / client focused, not internal. Instead of a wonky LinkedIn description in which an academic highlights his / her honors, why not tweak it to showcase what’s the value for the targeted audience. The targeted audience will differ from academic to academic – it is important to think through your big picture goals.

Here are three academics with particularly strong user-focused LinkedIn profiles:

In a nutshell, all four of these profiles identify an audience and articulate how to address their issues. Think about creating such a profile for yourself across all your social channels.

Good luck

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