Why choose to stay in academia?

Why choose academia and then why choose to stay in academia? There is much written about the frustrations of embarking and staying on an academic career path, also known as quit lit. Here we share with you two perspectives that counter the quit lit message:

The first post is from the Historian blog of Professor Little, History Professor at Colorado State University. In her post “tired of academic quit lit another view” Little comments on a “don’t quit” post written by Professor Matthew Guterl who is at Brown University. Her post acknowledges both potential criticism of Guterl’s post and asks the reader to consider a wider perspective.

The second post is written by Corrie Williams who left a public service role to begin her research. So far so good is the sentiment of the post, despite seeing the potential pitfalls.

Last week’s topic on collaboration generated quite a bit of response. We would really love to hear about your positive experiences of working in academia, especially with regards any collaborations that you have been involved with. Please email us here at GA Jobs.

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