What to do when you are falsely accused of scientific fraud?

A blog post on the Smart Science Career blog

Sven Hendrix, a neuroanatomy professor and the founder of the smart science career community has written about what to do if wrongly accussed of plagarism. The areas of his blog post cover:-

Psychological effects of false accusations
Economic costs of false accusations
Typology of whistleblowers

What to do when you get accused of scientific fraud?
Check carefully who is accusing you
Inform the most important co-authors and other key persons who might be addressed
Communicate only that you are investigating the case right now
Check the original data
Check carefully whether the allegations are true, false or misleading
Inform all co-authors about the accusations and your evaluation
Inform all key players in the institution

What to do if you are not treated in a fair way?
Communicate the clearance broadly
Tell your story

To read the full blog post and to engage with the discussion, click here.

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