The only way to do your video interview

One of the things that has changed in this digital age is the job interview process. Video interviewing is now becoming more and more popular with universities, especially when recruiting for international roles. Video interviews represent the new frontier of job interviewing, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your next job search requires you to take part in one.

To help you to prepare for and take part in your next video interview, this post will look at the importance of having a good online reputation, how to prepare for the interview, and what to do — and what not to do — on the day of the video interview.

Online Reputation Matters

We encourage you as a candidate to do online research on prospective interviewers to help you to be well prepared for your interview.
An increasing number of recruiters will conduct online research on applicant, so you should expect your prospective new employer to do the same background research on you. The results of this research can influence shortlisting decisions based on what is found about you, so you can appreciate the importance of having a good online reputation.

One of the ways you can help your cause on this front is to clean up your social media accounts. That means pulling photos or deleting comments that might not cast you in the best light. While you’re at it, make sure that your personal accounts are accessible only to people you want to see them, and make your professional accounts available to prospective employers.

Preparation: Testing 1…2…3

As you prepare for your online interview, your first order of business will be to research common possible questions as well as subject-specific questions, which will show the interviewer that you took the time to prepare.

As for the actual rehearsal, enlist the help of a friend and conduct a practice video interview using a program like Skype. Seeing yourself in the screen while seeing your interviewers at the same time can be distracting. So, practicing with a friend should help you to get over the initial “stage fright” and distraction.

You should make sure that your technology is up to par. This means checking to see if you have solid video quality, superb audio quality, and a strong internet connection. If any of these things are lacking, then be sure to remedy the situation before an actual video interview.

Show Time

During the actual interview, you need to bring your “A game”. Remember that appearances matter, so be mindful of the following:

● Ensure that your hair is neat
● Wear what you would have worn to the same interview if it was face to face (don’t forget your pants!)
● Maintain good body posture
● Make eye contact with the interviewer
● Don’t clutter the area where you’ll be doing the video interview, so check what is visible behind you
● Don’t allow distractions like pets or family to interrupt your video interview

The same body language faux pas apply to an online interview as they do to your face to face interview.

Final Thoughts

The law of averages suggests that you’re bound to be offered a video interview sooner or later in your job search, so it certainly makes sense to know what you need to do to make it a success. The digital age has led to changes for both job interviews and CVs / resumes too. The better you can adapt to these changes, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to take advantage of job opportunities.


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