The Global Academy Jobs holiday quiz

[:en]Back by popular demand, we bring you the Global Academy Jobs Holiday Quiz, with general knowledge questions provided by The Team. How will you score? Answers published here new week!

1. Which country became a Union in 1910 and a Republic in 1961? (From Steve)

2. Name the island chain (archipelago) that stretches from Alaska in the US across the Bering Straight to Russia? (Steve again)

3. In which country do almost all surnames end in ‘son’ or ‘dóttir‘? (Steve’s final offering)

4. What is the name of the first printed book in the English Language? (From Gareth)

5. What is the oldest university still in existence? (Gareth again)

6. In Japan, what do people commonly eat for Christmas dinner, as the result of a successful marketing campaign in 1970? (From Ksenia)

7. Name the oldest state in the the US. (From Rehana)

8. What is the national animal of Scotland? (From Joe)

9. Name all 7 African countries beginning with the letter ‘C’. (From Wendy)

10. What is the origin of the country name ‘Australia’? (From Beth)

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