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How far do you want your academic career to take you? Opportunities for international collaboration and travel can help you build your scholarly profile.

Half of the respondents in a Nature poll in 2011 said that it is ‘‘very important’ for young researchers to work abroad early in their careers.” At some point in your career you may want to consider institutions beyond your current location. An opportunity could arise through the network that you have built up throughout your career, or it could be something that you are actively seeking here on Global Academy

Since launching in 2012 we have been working collaboratively with research led university alliances world-wide to help increase access to research and teaching roles in the academy. Here at Global Academy we facilitate greater geographic mobility to enhance academic careers and increase the potential for international collaborations.

On the move, our website goes with you
We know that you are busy and always on the move, so we have refreshed our site to give you a more user-friendly service on both mobile and desk-top screens. It will now be even easier for you to find brilliant opportunities world-wide.
Global Academy is one of the largest online academic jobs boards. Our regular emails give you career advice and tips, from ‘how to write winning funding applications’ to ‘body language blunders to avoid at interview’. We want to help equip you, not only to find your perfect role but, to continually enhance your career.

What will change
If you are already a member of Global Academy Jobs you will soon receive an email asking you to update your password to enable you to:-

  • Keep your stored CV up-to-date for potential employers
  • Create a Favourite Jobs list
  • Use one-click job applications
  • Manage and track your job applications

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Our commitment to Higher Education
As part of our commitment to Higher Education we share revenue with our university alliance partners. As well as working with our alliance partner networks we work with individual universities across the world. We are as proud to be working with some of the world’s newest universities as with the older, established centres of Higher Education.

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