Is it time for you to work in another country?

No matter where you are in your academic career path there may come a time when you begin to consider institutions outside of your current location. An opportunity could arise through the network that you have built up throughout your career, or it could be simply through seeing a fantastic opportunity on a brilliant global job site for higher education.

Realistically, what are my chances of getting a permanent academic job in my current department?

If you are in a highly regarded research department:

Am I one of the best researchers in my field (nationally or internationally, with publications and reputation to prove it) or should I consider other departments where I am more likely to stand out?

If you want to stay in your current department:

Are permanent academic posts likely to arise within a reasonable timeframe – is anyone likely to leave in the near future, or is there funding to expand?
If so, how likely is the university to recruit at the level for which I could apply?

If changing location is not an option:

Could you look at interdisciplinary research in another group? This would link your skills and knowledge with a different area of research so that you are forging your own links and collaborations.

There are also two short videos where academics talk about the benefits of working in another country. Such us widening your network, experiencing different research methods and of course the cultural experience of living in another country.

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I still call Australia/England home

During the time that Professor Thompson has been working in academia she has seen an increased focus on operating internationally through all spheres, from undergraduate community to research collaboration partners around the world.

“… within globalised higher education institutions, we ‘international academics’ embody and represent to the wider public the international nature of our institutions in particular, and of a globalized academy more generally. While we live the idea that it’s possible to be educated and scholarly no matter where you’re from, we are key signifiers within our institutions of their reach and activities.”

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