How to write a winning research case study

The team at Project Maya know first-hand the importance of writing a winning research impact case study. They have not only taken the best current advice on how to put together a brilliant research impact case study, but, for a UK audience, they have also reviewed how the REF2014 case studies were weighted and what REF2020 might look like.

The eight points the Project Maya blog post highlights are:

  1. Create a coherent narrative that explains clearly the relationship between the underpinning research and the impact
  2. Be as clear as possible about exactly what the impact was
  3. Clearly identify specifically who has benefited from the work
  4. Be concise
  5. Keep your language simple and direct
  6. Identify key features of best practice and be consistent
  7. Provide detailed, specific and independent evidence
  8. Bring your case studies to life with quotes

Click here for more about how to approach each aspect of the list.

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