How to make the most of current technology on your CV

The digital scholar and the academic job market: Including hyperlinks in your CV can make a big difference.

Patrick Dunleavy is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the London School of Economics (LSE). In his post on the LSE Impact blog he reviews the current process of reviewing CVs and how you can leverage digital channels on your CV. In his conclusion he states:

“No advice about applying for academic jobs comes without risks and the need for some qualifying comments — because different types of universities and different types of academics have different reactions. So here is something of a quandary for early career people. Do you keep your CV old-school, so as not to frighten off the ‘old buffer’ group of selectors? Or do you want to be positively noticed by the with-it open-access/digital scholarship crowd and so include lots of URLs – and also show evidence of activism not just in ‘classic’ research publications but also in blogging, social media and ‘impacts’ activity? Or do you tread a middle path, clearly assigning prominence to traditional outputs, but showing in a restrained way that you can also do more. To some extent, only you can decide, given what you know of your field, the particular departments that you are applying to, and the key criteria they will apply.”

So should you or shouldn’t you go fully digital? Click here to read the full post.

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