How to become an academic networking pro on LinkedIn

Blog post featured on ‘The Impact Story’

Despite a reputation of being the commercial sector’s professional networking site and other social networks targeted directly at the academy, there continues to be advice on-line that academics should make the most of having a profile on LinkedIn.

The Impact Story blog, which is targeted at early career scientific academics, has a blog post outlining the key things an academic should do on LinkedIn:

  1. Get connected to your existing web of co-workers and advisors
  2. Request introductions to new contacts
  3. “Cold call” people you want to get to know
  4. Boost your discoverability with the help of your network
  5. Land at least one recommendation
  6. Let others know you’re here and ready to dance
  7. Boost the signals and cut the noise from LinkedIn notifications

Click here to link to the full article.

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