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Networking to grow your academic career and for those looking for industry PhD roles

You’ve been told that networking is an important part of advancing your academic career, but it is simply not something that you feel comes naturally to you or that it is something that is contrived. You are not alone in these assumptions, and there is help at hand by others who have already trodden the path into the world of networking in academia and they are happy to share their experiences, thoughts and give you a life line to follow.

Networking and other academic hobbies

One such life line for Post Docs is the blog The Research Whisperer, Just like the Thesis Whisperer – but with more money. The particular post that we are featuring is written by the co-founder Dr Tseen Khoo lecturer in research education and development at La Trobe University. Khoo shares her preconceptions of networking were and goes on to give three key areas of advice on how to develop your own academic network. The headlines of the three key areas are:-

1. Build a profile

2. Learn to say “No”

3. Some of it is pure “luck” or some might call serendipity.

Click here to read the full blog post.

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