Global Academy Jobs works with universities worldwide to promote academic mobility and international research collaboration.


Global Academy Jobs can help you find your new academic or senior professional role. Browse our library of articles on academic careers and job search. 

Global Academy Jobs works with universities worldwide to promote academic mobility and international research collaboration. 
We work with universities across the world; continents, countries and universities share equal status both on our website and within our network. We are as proud to be working with some of the world’s newest universities as with the older, established centres of Higher Education.
Universities understand how we help them cut their recruitment advertising costs, build their international reputation and attract the best international research and academic candidates wherever they are in the world.

Founded in 2012 by partners with ambitious purposes to:

  • Promote international academic mobility
  • Foster international research collaboration
  • Enable transparent academic recruitment with affordable online advertising for ALL universities

Our goal is to help academic and research organisations across the world access the global talent pool when they recruit, specialising in vacancies in the academic and research sector.

We publish career and job seeking tips for candidates and guides for university staff. We also engage a broader audience through busy social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook and Instagram.

How we are doing better
Global Academy Jobs is a triple bottom line business (3BL). We focus on our impact on people and on the planet alongside our profitability.  Our clients use our services confident that they are working with an ethical, sustainable independent business.

Global Academy Jobs is an Oxford Living Wage employer

  • We work with local schools and universities to provide work experience and internship opportunities to young people
  • We are a committed disability confident employer

As an online business our carbon footprint is already small and we are working to reduce it further

  • Our annual electricity use of 1303 Kwh emits around 403kgs of CO2. We are also working to calculate how much carbon is used by our various websites and online activities. It’s not a straightforward task and we are open to suggestions on this issue.
  • We encourage staff to commute using public transport, bicycles or walking where possible. (This has been harder during the COVID Pandemic, but we also increased working from home)
  • We use Ecosia as our default search engine on all our computers so that our searches plant trees.
  • We use local suppliers whenever we can.

University clients trust our advice because we are independent of media businesses and not owned by any competing academic or research employers. A spin-out project, the Global Academy, aligns academic research work with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are growing a sustainable  business. This supports universities world-wide as well as local jobs. We aim to grow further through collaborative win/win partnerships with organisations who share our values.

How we do it
Innovative recruitment advertising

Straightforward rate card makes it easy for recruiters to find the options they need to promote job listings (may not sound innovative until compared with other providers!).

Transparent pricing with no hidden extra charges. Our featured jobs are unbeatably priced at £300 and include logos, employer profiles and extended publication at no extra cost. Other jobs boards charge for these services.

Level playing field: universities of all sizes, in all countries, receive the same pricing, service and professionally presented job listings at

Full service or self-service: some universities post their own job listings and pay online using a credit card, others prefer to receive an invoice and many rely on us to post their listings on our website

Automated unlimited advertising saves on staff time and advertising costs for larger universities. Used by >50 leading universities worldwide.

Career services: academics and career centers recommend our bulletins and jobs boards to their post-graduate students.

We wish you every success!
The GlobalAcademyJobs Team

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